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Product Designer.
Based in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boulder.


Roberto leverages the power of design to improve how people interact with technology, brands, and each other.

As a teenager Roberto found himself at the intersection of design and technology. Intrigued by the power of the internet he took his passion for the arts online, and never looked back. As a self-taught designer and web developer he began launching projects and by the age of 16 he was recruited by Lockheed Martin. While there he worked on everything from brand strategy to software design, while he continued his studies at Philadelphia University with a focus on business and computer science.

After spending over 10 years at Lockheed, he left to begin his design consultancy business. During that time he partnered with a friend to design a series of fantasy sports apps to ride the wave of the mobile growth after the launch of Apple’s iPhone. The apps were a success and continued to be competitive in the fantasy sports industry. In 2011, he was recruited by Google which took him and his wife to the San Francisco Bay Area. While there he worked on various projects including: Google Security, Authenticator, Chrome Profiles, and Account Management. A few years later he went on to join Yahoo! to lead as Director of Mobile Design after the fantasy sports company, from a few years prior, was acquired. At Yahoo! he was part of an award winning design team. In early 2016 he left Yahoo! to work on personal projects and help advance Grit & Virtue with his wife Charlena Ortiz.

Roberto now lives in beautiful Boulder Colorado with his wife, where he focuses his time pursuing purposeful work, consulting, and enjoying the constant invitation of the outdoors.


Living the dream
Grit & Virtue / Consultant / Advisor
Sr. Director of Mobile Design
Lead User Experience Designer
Product Design
Bignoggins Productions(Aquired by Yahoo!)
Graphic & Web Designer
Lockheed Martin
Freelance Design


I've had the privilege to speak and collaborate with amazing organizations such as Twitter, UC Berkeley, Stanford Design, The White House, SV Latino and more.